Showing and more feedback

Tonight is the first session of Fieldwork.  I think I’ve mentioned it here before.  Essentially, it’s a work group for artists to show works in progress and hear feedback from the group of artists.  We meet regularly, for two 10 week sessions per year.  This will be my second year facilitating.  Tonight I will show the latest reincarnation of Points and Coordinates.  It’s always tricky showing dance as a work-in-progress.  So much can change with such a little change.  But that’s what feedback mid-process is about…being vulnerable to reveal an unfinished/under-rehearsed work to hopefully gain a new and fresh perspective.  And it always ends that way.  Part of what we challenge ourselves with in the group is to present work without the “it would be this, If I had time…” or “I’m not finished yet, so….”  It’s hard to show work without explaining away what we perceive the weaknesses to be.

So tonight I will show the raw footage of the clips that I will nip, tuck and add a little magic to that will be the screendance and we will show the live portion minus one canvas, because we’re saving it for the event.  So it’s a little raw… a lot raw, but I don’t mind.  Right now I’m so attracted to the unaltered, human, real feel that I want some flaws because I find them more interesting.  It’s a very different dynamic than the one I created with Crease.  That one was very clean, fresh, and altered in a way.  Purposefully.  But for this piece I wanted rawer (if that’s a word…) and not airbrushed.

Interested in Fieldwork?  Are you an artist in Houston?  email me at and I can give you more information.  Would love to have you!


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