Secret Message System

At the corner I’ve been noticing an old pair of shoes that were left just under the stop sign.  After a week of walking by them, I started to get used to them…they blended into the background.  Then, one morning, I noticed a Big Gulp-esque drink sitting IN one of the shoes.  I say “esque” because the closest 7-11 is about 100 miles away.  Then, this afternoon I saw this:

Is this some kind of non-verbal secret message system?  Curious.



  1. cathy carmedelle says:

    I have been reading and enjoying your blogs. As an artist I am intrigued by this posting in particular. I look forward to updates. Perhaps people walking by are adding to it. It’s community art (?),

    • admin says:

      Yes, I love the idea of committing to rearrange the objects hoping that someone will notice and participate. And I love that it could be done silently and individually and anonymously. Not knowing your silent partner in the activity but continuing to be invested interests me quite a bit.

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