Rehearsal updates

We are into week three of rehearsals and so much has happened. We have a twining trio, a dead lift trio, a falling quartet and two snaky duets. We are creating the opening section of ‘Mortar, Sylphs Wrote’ first because it is the section we are premiering at 12 Minutes Max on March 3 and 4. I’m really trying to be efficient so it will be ready, and then we can take a little more time to dwell on the following sections and create the film portions that (I think) we’ll use.

If I had to describe the piece so far what would I say? Well of the tiny portion, I’d say it’s pretty dancey. It moves quite a bit. Our piece “Points and Coordinates” was a bit more minimal. That is very much due to the fact that we were confined to dancing on the canvases. “Dancing Diana” was a series of duets and solos. I’m trying to go an entirely different direction with this: multiple dancers on stage at a time, using more expansive floor pathways, and fluid and connected movement. I’m challenging myself aesthetically. I’m challenging myself with the use of the music.

Donna Perkins came in yesterday to draw the rehearsal. She’s the painter we collaborated with on “Points and Coordinates” AND, we will be doing portions of “Mortar” in Archway Gallery amongst her paintings that she created from “Points and Coordinates.” So you can come see this work and see her paintings that she created from another one of our works. I’m very much looking forward to seeing that as the atmosphere of the dance. The way I see it is that her paintings capture a multitude of moments from “Points and Coordinates.” But what’s interesting about paining, is that it exists outside of the time element we dancers are so intricately aware of. Meanwhile, Frame will be dancing amongst those paintings in a very time-aware fashion. And each moment is utterly temporary. Lots of layers going on here.


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