Ring, Resonate, Resound

Choreographer: Lydia Hance

Composer: Leah Reid

Costumes: Ashley Horn

Dancers: Danielle Garza, Kelsey Gibbs

Venue: The Match

About the Film: Ring, Resonate, Resound is an excerpt from the multi-generational work, Through the Sheets of Clouds, and a collaboration with composer Leah Reid (winner of the 2015 Frame Dance Composer Competition). Through the Sheets of Clouds is an evening of dance directed by Lydia Hance, performed by Frame Dance, the Little Framers, and the MultiGen Framers based on Mary Oliver's poem The Journey. With music by Sam L. Richards, Leah Reid, D. Edward Davis, Mark Hirsch, and Panayiotis Kokoras. Musical performances by Baylor Percussion Group.