Music Strengthens our Social Bonds

Tuesday Tunes “In 2009, archaeologists unearthed a flute carved from bone and ivory that  was over 35,000 years old. This proved that even during the hunting/gathering  stage of human evolution, music was present and important to society.” An  article published in a psychology, sociology, and neuroscience web branch of the University  of California: Berkeley, The Greater Good Science Center, clearly shows that music has  been a large part of human culture for thousands of years. But, has it brought people closer together in this long period of time?  Have our isolating ipods and earbuds separated us? This question was answered by psychologist Jill  Suttie. Her writings gave us four ways that music helps to strengthen bonds:

  • Music increases contact, coordination, and cooperation with others,  
  • gives us  an oxytocin boost,
  • strengthens our ability to understand and empathize with others, and finally,
  • increases our cultural cohesion. 

Read the full article here, and fulfill your primal urge to make music today.

Tuesday Tunes

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