Mid Week Image and how this dancer became pain-free

Today I wrote on facebook about how Wednesdays are my marathon days.  Oh they are… teaching six classes and then Fieldwork tonight.  It’s also usually the day that my kitchen explodes.  Hmmm.  Anyway, Jo Yost Ulrich, a friend and Yamuna teacher gave this beautiful image that is helping me immensely today:  Pace yourself and approach it like you would to eat an elephant.

When things get crazy it’s easy to get crazy with them.  But today I’m remembering that I have a choice in that matter.

What is Yamuna?  After years of pain from scoliosis plus crazy dancing hours, about two years ago I found something that relieves my pain.  And I have tried everything.  EVERYTHING.  Holistic.  To get the official info, click here.  In my own words, it’s exercise/massage self-care method that, through stimulating bone and working out into the fascia and muscles, provides a way to find a healthy skeletal and muscular balance.  The best thing is, it’s all about education, and finding what YOU can do outside of the class environment.  I’ve been going to classes for about three years now, but I own my own Yamuna ball and Foot Wakers (the equipment for the feet) and I use them to prepare for class, performances, or realignment if I’ve been editing too long on the computer.  It’s not like going to a massage therapist where you’re completely at the mercy of the 50 minute slot of time.  Plus tip.

I encourage you to check it out, and see if there’s a Yamuna practitioner in your area.  If you are in Houston, I recommend Jo’s classes at the Hope Center.

Are you familiar with Yamuna Body Rolling?


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