Links We Like Friday

Happppppy Friday Framers! 

Here are some fun dance links to help kick start your weekend on the right foot!

It’s Dance anywhere day! So find a space and get movin’! Let us know how you found an opportunity to dance today! Participation can be as casual as stopping to spin, shake, or bust a spontaneous move.  Just sign in on the website to update your location.  Do a little dance TODAY, and upload a photo/video to be considered for their upcoming tenth anniversary photo book.

Take time to destress after this long week with these 8 easy tension-busters, dance is last but not least!


Interesting article from the Contact Quarterly on teaching Contact Improvisation in a Brooklyn High School.

In keeping with my Justin Timberlake obsession, check out this Jezebel article on JT’s hair politics.


And if you haven’t already BUY YOUR TICKET TO OUR SOIREE!

Yayyyy Fridayyyy!



Links We Like

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