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Hello Framers!!

Today I have a few TED talks for you all. I hope you have a few minutes, because they are really worth watching!

The first shows a fascinating and dynamic approach to choreography as a

John Bohannon, the founder of “Dance Your PhD“, makes a case for using dance, instead of powerpoint in the second TED talk.

There are SO many amazing TED talks about the power of dance and the arts, I definitely encourage you to blow off your afternoon meetings and watch TED talks for a while!

In case you don’t have time today though, here’s a fun slideshow with some amazing photos of dancers among us that you can skim through real fast and get back to whatever “important” stuff you’re doing today 😛

Links We Like


  1. Hey,
    Thanks for this. I love TED they’ve got talks on some of the most mind numbing topics its great! Now that there are talks like this on dance and music, it will do wonders to enhance my teaching skills and mindset when i got to perform or train.

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