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Happy Friday Framers! Here’s a top Links We Like by Raquel Kahn, Company Rep. Thinking about her as she travels to Southeast Asia. Tribute to the wonderful Raquel! She writes:

My first three links today are a little heavy. The first two discuss the interesting and complex relationships between gender, identity, and dance:

1. This interview with Brenda Way, Founder and Artistic Director of Oberlin Dance Collective addresses the question of whether modern dance can be gender neutral?

2. The second I find inspiring! It discusses the idea that by exploring gender stereotypes through dance, we may see that they are actually fading…

3. Third is an article from GOOD magazine about empowering girls through education.

4. Now, after all that hard thinking, let your mind RELAX! and go to your quiet place. You know you deserve it, it’s been a long week….

Links We Like

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