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Hey Framers! Happy Friday! Kick off the weekend right with a few fabulous links that we like!


If you’re ever in Bridgeport, Connecticut check out Bloodroot a feminist collective that functions as a restaurant. Anybody know of any restaurants like this in Houston? Maybe we could start an artists collective restaurant… yum!

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If you’ve read Links We Like before, you know that I’m a little infatuated with Justin Timberlake here is a mashup between J.T. and Daft Punk.


Requisite dance YouTube videos that always provide for endless procrastination:

This first one isn’t a YouTube video, but it is a vimeo featuring Frame composers for our upcoming event Ecouter June 28-29 at 8pm, stay tuned to buy your tickets!

A great hip-hop routine featuring award-winning Les Twins helped me procrastinate some of my work this week.

The inspirational and hilarious Montrose roller blading man. Have you seen him?

And of course, each week I try to find a new dance company to be obsessed with and this week was no exception: BARE Dance Company of NY


Of all the cities in America Houston is second fastest growing! Proud to be a Houstonian!


And last, but not least, A Letter From Your Dance Teacher. This article appeared in Huffington Post last week and I wanted to bring it up again because, frankly I didn’t really like it that much. I find that it oversimplifies the issue of asking for feedback and humbling oneself in dance class by making it a generational issue rather than a very big issue that effects just about all people (artists or otherwise). Thoughts?

Links We Like