If it’s Tuesday, this must be…

The last daytime rehearsal before the show…nights and dress rehearsals from this point on.  I have some things to rework, some details to fix and then it’s running and solidifying timing from here on out.  We are projecting the entire piece from blu ray.  Choreography is set to both music and silence in this work, and it’s easy to tell where you are in a piece of music…but it is not easy in performance to know where you are in silence.  So I’m waiting to finalize the film until the silence sections become consistent.  They are built into the entire bluray file, I do not plan to stop and start the film mid performance.  I can’t stand when the menu comes up–even just that little pause sign in the corner of the screen.  So I am challenging myself and the dancers to be consistent in the timing of the silence sections.

That does bring up an interesting concept for me: how we feel and measure time in rehearsal always feels different than in live performance.  Adrenaline, additional distractions, costumes, lights all add to the experience which for me distracts from some grounding elements like time.  But those are also the things that make the performance special and unique and thrilling.

Don’t forget to reserve tickets…seating is limited.  Saturday and Sunday, Hope Center, 7:30 pm.  $5.



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