Frame Dancer Profile: Kristen Frankiewicz

Kristen Frankiewicz
photo by Ted Viens
Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

Laying out on a cool or breezy sunny day…which I’m trying not to do, unless I’m coated in sunscreen and cover my face with a shirt…? Is that dermatologist approved or still a no-no?

Q: What is your favorite meal?

Compilations of plain sliced chicken breast mixed with fresh vegetables like spinach, sweet potato, green onion, etc. Throw in some edimame, chick peas, bacon, red grapes, feta cheese and anything else needed that day. Perfection in a mixture.

Q: What is something most people don’t know about you?

I’m one of 6 kids, and I’m a twin…but people are starting to know that part by now I think. Ok, Cassie and I were featured artists since infancy because our unsupervised crayon/marker murals on the walls of our house existed in their original form until our senior year of high school. Love my parents.

photo by Lorie Garcia, Studio 4d4

Q: What Frame projects have you been a part of / How have you been involved with Frame?

I’ve been with Frame since the project Dancing Diana. (editor’s note: the entire existence of Frame Dance Productions)

Q: Do you have a memorable Frame Dance moment?

Most memorable would be the dreamlike experience performing Points and Coordinates live at the CAMH with Alexandre Soares and Lydia Hance. I still remember some of the emotional immersion and total physical freedom of that performance. Total joy I’m grateful for.

Kristen Frankiewicz by Lorie Garcia, Studio 4d4

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