Drop Cloth search: Success…I think

You may have noticed that I’ve been writing about using a drop cloth for one of the sections of Points and Coordinates (the CAMH piece), but I’ve been playing around with butcher paper. Very different. I wanted something a bit more substantial than butcher paper. The only challenge I’m facing now is how to make it taut while we’re moving on it. I have a couple of thoughts: create a frame (wood, maybe) like stretching it over a canvas, or create the piece so that at least two sides are anchored by people while one dancer is moving in the center of it…Your thoughts are GREATLY accepted. This is what I’ve found.
I may end up getting a larger size, but that will depend on the space at the CAM. I’m not sure yet where work will be installed in the museum and how the space will be divided. I love that it’s washable, that we can use it in rehearsals and wash it clean for the next. But I may not want to…I’m also considering just layering more graphite on it with each rehearsal.

One thing hasn’t changed, my cat is still a connoisseur of art.


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