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Kristen Frankiewicz by Lorie Garcia, Studio 4d4

The project…
Framing Bodies: LOVE ME
I remember reading the title in Lydia’s first email, and I didn’t really linger there long on what the name was because I wanted to get to what the project was actually about. I wanted to find out what the meat of the project was going to be about. As I kept reading Lydia’s description of the project, little preconceptions just started popping up here and there in my mind about love, trust, openness, love, loving, vulnerability, my twin, love, twin-love…..all these thoughts about love…

And all these little thoughts stemming from that LOVE ME title that I tried to read over so quickly in the beginning.

They were not well rounded thoughts one way or another, per say, on these split second thought interruptions as I was reading Lydia’s email. However, these interruptions just kept rolling forward and building and peaking my interest more and more. I was so “in” the project before I even finished reading the whole email, and in my mind I had already signed my twin Cassie up for it too! (Cassie didn’t even know that yet!)

With no other better way of putting it…It just felt right to do this project right now. It was right, and it was right now. Now was the time. This time in life. And with these people.

Throughout our rehearsal process, the project has me journaling on several topics, questions, and personal theories that tend to fascinate me…and in some instances tire me out. The tiring out part comes from an overload of thought or focus on a question I propose. And I have a lot of questions in life. The fascination part comes from my inclination to think. I really tend to keep my mind working, whether I’m trying to or not. So when Lydia then asks us to share all these personal thoughts about certain writing prompts, it really felt like a lot was being asked of me. I felt mentally exhausted a couple of times after rehearsal. Nothing too dramatic, but it was definitely utilizing all of my being to engage in this project. The mind is such a powerful tool. It really is one of our greatest gifts as individuals. And this project put together all these unique minds, and bodies, in one space at the same time…and I’m most interested in what the next step reveals.

Kristen Frankiewicz by Lorie Garcia, Studio 4d4


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Lydia Hance is a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant Award. This grant is funded by the City of Houston through Houston Arts Alliance.  Frame Dance Productions’ Framing Bodies is  funded in part by the Puffin Foundation.  Frame Dance Productions is a recipient of a Rice University Dance Program Space Grant.



  1. Denise says:

    Friends-The screening of LOVE ME is less than a month away! While I have not commented each day, I have so enjoyed getting to know each of you on yet another level through your writing. Your reflections are also calling back the time and work we shared this summer collaberating, creating, and learning together, learning about ourselves and about each other. What a joy for me to be part of this amazing process with such a creative group of people. Can’t wait to see you soon. Denise

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