butterflies are starting to flutter

And we have a little more than a week until we begin the quick and intense rehearsals for the CAM piece, now named Points and Coordinates.  I’m going back over my notes from the residency–I had left them alone since returning to Houston.  Needed to find some space.  But I’m looking over them, starting to craft a score, and getting oh-so-excited to get this movement into the dancers’ bodies and start putting it together.

The music is done–I think.  The sound score is about 14 minutes long.  Still to do: find an appropriate drop cloth for the floor work with graphite, create the film (but that can’t be done until we’ve been rehearsing), costumes–including finding the best shoes to wear–I’m leaning towards tennis shoes, purchase some more graphite…okay this is getting a little overwhelming.  I think I’ll take it a little at a time.

On a completely separate note, I recently had a birthday.  Perhaps that can explain the hiatus from blogging…I had to have some major reflection and soothing of the “what am I doing with my life” and “what have I accomplished this year” questions ringing my birthday in and out.  All that to say, I have a new iPod and I love it.  I’ve been organizing my music, making sure they all have titles, artists and album names before I start teaching like a mad woman this fall. Now I have my eye on this little beauty:

Here’s a math problem for you:  How many dance classes does it take to pay for one of these?  A girl can dream!


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  1. Jonathon says:

    The math problem you posted is dependent on a threshold question of the quantity you are paid for such dance lessons. Accordingly, I am unable to provide a solution to said problem.

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