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Tonight we are brushing up Points and Coordinates for the showcase on Sunday. We aren’t learning to choreography or drilling anything. We are just stepping back into the space of the piece to feel and sense our way back into the world that we create in Points and Coordinates. There’s something very, very special about this piece. The cast, the interaction with the film, and the exploration that happens is magical and I feel so blessed to have this piece and create it once again on Sunday. There will be new moments and new meaning and I’m excited to surrender to the points and coordinates of moving on the canvases, with the graphite and with the cast. I’ll let you know how it goes.

If you’ve seen it either at the Contemporary Arts Museum or in its infancy at Spacetaker, what are words that you would use to describe this work?




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  1. admin says:

    So here’s a little update on the show last Sunday. It was magical, the audience responded heartily. It was the same world we left back at the CAMH in September, but things were different. Dynamics between each of us were differently weighed, the canvases created a path and a journey up to the screen dance above, we moved the graphite differently. It felt full and fulfilling, and I felt like I had escaped an outside world. I have a few canvas burns on my body from the dragging and pulling each other across the canvases, and they seem like a bit of a war wound–or a suggestion of a feeling of simplicity and depth from that experience. The thing about this piece, is that that it is a space and a world that we enter into. The three of us find a breath, and we breathe it together. What comes out each time is different, but we are all fluent in the same language. It felt fulfilling. Thank you Frame Dancers.

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