Bits and Puzzle Pieces

I realized I haven’t written about Frame Dance in a while.  We’ve been trying to get you all some interesting reads through the MFA Monday column as well as our Eat Well Wednesday column.  But what has the company been up to?

Well…our 501c3 status has been approved, which is wonderful.  We shot the film back in October, but I haven’t been editing it.  It’s sitting on who we call Big Mac getting more and more beautiful– I’m sure.  And, I’m getting more and more excited about beginning the editing process.  It’s interesting, sometimes after shooting a film I have to get into the editing room as soon as possible, and other times, I need some time to breathe and get some distance before chopping and creating something magical.  (No, there is no actual “editing room.”)

Third, we are rehearsing and creating a new work for the ERJCC Dance Month which is in January.  Charles Halka, the extremely talented Charles Halka, is composing a brand new piece for violin.  He has been watching every rehearsal, and I’m making a piece that is tied in no way to music.  That’s been odd.  I’m making bits and puzzle pieces keeping in mind that I will want to change the pacing and tempo and dynamics of the movement I’m creating once the music is in play.  That will be next week.  I’m trying to create movement that has a personality but is yet completely open to the influence of the music. Here’s a little bit of a duet phrase we’ve started. Sorry about the poor videography. Yikes, good thing I don’t make my dance films on iphones. I’m not so great at using the camera….

to art,


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