Aug. 18! Save the date!

On August 18th, Frame will be presenting at the Spacetaker Speakeasy.  I will be workshopping the newest work-in-progress through an element of technology that I’m not sure I’m ready to embrace yet.  So I’ll test it out.  During the showing of the piece-in-progress (note: in progress), I’ll divide the audience into two groups (or they’ll divide themselves); one group will respond to the work using the Fieldwork Guidelines at the end of the showing.  The other group will respond into a live feed in real time (on the computer, for those of you not as tech-savvy).  My interest lies in how the feedback differs between the two groups, how the audience feels about responding in their specific context, and also, how my dancers feel knowing people are responding to the work in these two separate groups.

Fieldwork is a weekly or bi-monthly work group designed to give feedback to artists presenting their work anywhere from mid-process through final stage.  The concept is for viewers/responders to give feedback that comes from an experiential place.  “When I saw your work, I felt____” or “when this happened, I was distanced by _____” or “I was drawn in by ______”  or “seeing this reminded me of ______.”  Taboo phrases in Fieldwork are “I liked” or “I didn’t like.” Basically, we try to avoid empty words that don’t provide insight into how the content was received.  In contrast, the real-time responses will be more like fleeting thoughts, impressions, questions…more of an uncensored response to more closely mimic the anonymity that real-time responders have over the internet.

I facilitate Fieldwork in Houston–if you’re a Houstonian, and an artist interested, leave me a comment.


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