The Black Space


The Black Space from Frame Dance Productions on Vimeo.

Fresh Arts invites you to The Black Space, a multi-media dance installation and performance by Lydia Hance's Frame Dance Productions. Participatory and intimate in design, The Black Space explores the concept of forgiveness and the dichotomy between the sanity and healthiness of letting go and the unresolved anxiety that results from holding on to how others have wronged us.

Four performances only!
August 30, 31 & September 1, 2 (8:00pm)

Each performance begins at 8 pm.
Tickets $10
Purchase tickets at

Where the ^&*$% are we going?


Frame Dance is on a journey.  We reframe the performance experience, we provide entry points to the creative experience that might not be characteristic of a “dance performance,” we strip the confines away from the role of the audience.  We invite you into the performance/event/installation/exhibition.  We have so many words for what we create, and yet, I pull hard and fast away from the word “show.”  Because that’s just contrary to what we’re trying to do.  We’re not showing you something.  We invite you into something.

…and what is that?

The human experience.  We pull apart, dissect, magnify, glamorize or honestly reveal the intricacies of this thing called “living.”  Documenting life.  Revealing humanity.  Exposing the creative process, and living in the moment.  We never perform the same piece twice.  Never.  Just ask the dancers.  We screen the same film twice.  But never perform the same piece twice.  What’s the fun in that?  We don’t live the same day twice.

(yeah, yeah, I’ve seen Groundhog Day)

So our journey is this series of events, installations, films, and we progress in vision and through from event to event.  Each piece stands alone, but follow us, and you’ll see us completing a full thought on the role of audience in art experience, exposing and documenting life in our creations, and some flat out fabulousness.

In case you missed it, here’s the review of our last show.

Here’s the info on our upcoming show.

Links We Like Friday

Links We Like

Our first “Link We Like” is actually ironic.  It’s a link we don’t like.  But at the same, it’s just too great not to share.  I thought foot binding was antiquated.  Special music and tutorial on computers (mobile website doesn’t do it justice.)  The more you watch, the more nauseating it is.

This is something no one ever teaches you: how to welcome a guest artist at your school or studio.

Loving this by Dancing Branflakes: she journeys through finding joy and acceptance with her body.  An always-relevent topic with dancers.

Get up on your leg! (what the @#$% does that mean, because apparently it doesn’t mean puffing up your chest and jetting out your chin) by Dance Intercepts


terrible loss


We grieve the loss of Jeremy Choate, light artist and integral member of the Houston arts community.  A compassionate and patient man taken from us too soon, trying to make sense of it.

Joel Luks has written this on Culture Map about Jeremy Choate’s passing.  Talks about his work, his collaborations and his daughters.  Rest in peace, Jeremy.

Houston Press writes this.

From the Heights Leader.

From Theodore Bale.

Give more hugs, give more love.

Mortar, Sylphs Wrote, lighting by Jeremy Choate

Prayers, please


Last night lighting designer Jeremy Choate known to all the Houston arts community was hit on his bike by a drunk driver.  Here’s the chron story.  If you’ve been to a modern dance performance or theater show in Houston, it’s likely you’ve seen his work.  He lit Mortar, Sylphs Wrote, our Spring 2011 show at both Barnevelder in Big Range Dance Festival and 12 MInutes Max! at Diverse Works.  Please pray for his healing.