Frame Dance in the Photobooth


I hope you all had a joyous Christmas.  I love this time between Christmas and New Years.  For some reason it feels like bonus time.

We are so excited about our upcoming series at the Photobooth on Montrose.  Here’s what’s happening:

One Friday a month in January, February, March and April Frame Dance Productions will perform an all-new dance performance/installation at the Photobooth.  Each one will be several steps closer to the final product to be performed at our big show in May, but each one will be its own, unique, independent piece.  We’re all about the “event” feel at our shows.  Social, fun, light.  Typically we don’t produce shows where you’re chained to your chairs sitting in a dark room.  We merge the gallery feel with the live performance product (and of course film as well!).

In addition to the Friday night show each month this Winter, we are opening our very first rehearsal of the season to you.  It is at the Photobooth on Montrose, and you can come glance through the giant windows, or come inside and join us and see how we begin the artistic process.  We have an open rehearsal policy almost always, but this is the first time we’ve really encouraged Frame Fans to see where it actually starts.  January 6, 6-8pm at the Photobooth on Montrose (at Montrose and Westheimer in Houston). 

The Photobooth on Montrose is renowned photographer, Simon Gentry’s studio with a twist.  It’s a photo-studio and fabulous event space all in one.  Super fab.

Questions? Leave ’em below.  And remember– we WANT to see you there.


Links We Like Friday

Links We Like

The beautiful commonality between artists and engineers.

Art in schools is building stronger citizens. 

We’re trying something new.  We’re inviting YOU to our first rehearsal of the season.  See where it all begins.  We’re all about exposing the process, and usually that means showing you our work before it’s done, but also when we’ve had a running start.  See where it actually begins, and see it where we’ll be performing it, at the Photobooth on Montrose.





Links We Like Friday

Links We Like

Congrats to Suchu Dance on a great review– can’t wait to see this show.

We at Frame love dance photography.  Here’s the jackpot for ballet photography. The Ballerina Project.

Those of you who went to the Graham School or SMU with me might have special feelings about this one.  Check out Martha Graham Dance Company’s video competition.  I can hardly stand it.  I’m pleading as I write this: someone please enter!