The thing about being a Frame Dancer in a dance film is that you’re a huge part of the process until it’s editing time.  Then I take over.  So I am always curious what the dancers feel and think both going into the premiere, and after they’ve seen the finished product.  And there’s this funny time between when I’ve finished editing and the premiere when I’m dying to talk to the dancers about it, but I try as much as I can to hold off and let the film do the talking.  It’s a unique experience for me as the director and for the dancers.

I’m doing a series here on what the Framing Bodies dancers thought of the film after they saw it.  They all wrote about what the experience was like during the the making of LOVE ME, but we haven’t heard from them yet about what they thought and felt seeing themselves, seeing each other, and seeing the entire picture revealed.

Stay tuned!




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