For over 10 years, Frame Dance has been breaking down barriers in dance education, creation, and performance. Today, we have the rare opportunity to literally break down the walls of our current studio and design a new home for our community to connect, move, collaborate, and create.

A larger studio would enable us to expand our dance education program, inspire the creation of new work, elevate our ensemble and professional dance company performances, and strengthen our community of art-makers.


Studio Buildout Budget: $50,000

Building out a new dance studio requires a substantial investment. Below is a breakdown of our anticipated costs:

Studio Expansion Impact


Frame Dance is a thought-leader in dance education, brining to our community intentional and inclusive dance curriculum aimed at nourishing the whole artist. Our children’s program has DOUBLED in the last year, and our dancers are GROWING UP! We desperately need more space to accommodate demand, allow our dancers to freely and fully move their bodies, and create a more comfortable environment for parents/caregivers to wait during class.




The Frame Dance Ensembles – Youth, Community (All Ages), and Made to Move (60+) are the heartbeat of the organization. A larger studio will support the creation of meaningful work that integrates all of these groups, as well as the Frame Dance Professional Company. We also want to support independent artists by providing an inspiring space to create, rehearse, and share their work.




Our vision for Frame Dance is to be a gathering space for art-makers to connect, collaborate and create. A larger space will enable us to expand our Creative Wellness programs and continue to build a radically inclusive, exploratory environment to unleash the creative potential in our community.



A key differentiator in our Youth Dance Program is the integration of all aspects of dance performance -from lighting, to sound, to set design – into our curriculum. Keeping our recitals in-house offers dancers the opportunity to be part of the show from beginning to end, and share their art in a space that feels safe, inspiring, and meaningful.

Frame Dance’s internationally acclaimed Frame X Frame film fest continues to evolve! A larger space will expand our possibilities for integrating live performance into our film screenings and accommodate larger audiences.