Frame Dance Films

Frame Dance films (also called Frame Dance dance-for-camera) are a series of films directed and produced annually under the Frame Dance brand.  Frame Dance films create new experiences for audiences using technology that records and edits dance performance into dynamic video narratives that document stories that would otherwise remain unheard. Frame Dance Productions has produced nine films since 2010 each from 3 to 40 minutes in length, including There’s a Height Limit, Satin Stich, Crease, Framing Bodies: Love Me & Shamed. Frame Dance films are powerful because they:

  • offer audiences the familiarity of a screen in which to view something new and unfamiliar-contemporary dance can be
  • allow audiences to engage with dancers and the story outside the limitations of a live, real-time performance;
  • mingle and participate in the visual arts world; and
  • reach additional audiences members and artists via the films’ internet distribution