Adult Open Modern

Adult Open Modern

Class begins with a sumptuous, flowing warm up and moves into aesthetic combinations with space for improv and creative choice-making. Depth of movement and openness of spirit guide this class for adults who are exploring the art of modern dance.

Dress Code: Clothes that are comfortable and safe to move in, long hair pulled back, no loose, dangly jewelry

Private Classes and Pods

Private Classes and Pods

Event Phone: 346-708-1555

Ages: 2 years and up

A Frame Dance teacher – a dance professional trained in our mission and values – comes to your home to provide personalized dance classes. Private lessons are offered to one student or family, semi-private to 2-3 families. Pods are for 4-10 dancers, depending on age and curriculum. Private and pod classes are 45-90 minutes minutes in length based on dancer’s age and class goals. Schedule depends on teacher availability.

To schedule, contact: Kerri Neimeyer at

Frame Dance Book Group

Frame Dance Book Group

Event Phone: (346) 708-1555

Love to talk art, culture, and dance? Join the conversation through our new Membership and enjoy:

-Frame Dance Book Group

-Private film screenings

-Priority access to performances

-Exclusive member events

Only $40/year to support our mission and be a part of Houston’s thriving arts scene!


What is the Frame Dance Book Group?

Join us as we explore books by creative thinkers with the goals of

1) diving deep into the creative process, and

2) exploring how dance relates to our world

NEXT BOOK GROUP DATE: Oct. 2, 2-3pm at Frame Dance Studio. We will re-start Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor by Lynda Barry. You do not need to have read the book, but please bring a copy of it, if you can.


What We’re Reading Now

Syllabus: Notes from an Accidental Professor  by Lynda Barry

“Writing exercises and creativity advice from Barry’s pioneering, life-changing workshop.”

What We’ve Read

The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma by Bessel van der Kolk

Walking in This World: The Practical Art of Creativity by Julia Cameron

The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp

Making Dance that Matters: Resources for Community Creativity by Anna Halprin

Toddler Creative Movement

Toddler Creative Movement

Toddler dance classes are designed to be fun and impactful, teaching young children to notice and control how their bodies move through space. Little dancers build brains and bodies as they practice initiating their own ideas and actions in movement while building strong motor skills and learning to cooperate in a group setting. Toddler and Adult take this class together.

Ages: “Almost” Walking through 3 years old.



Decade-long collaborators Ashley Horn & Lydia Hance are at it again, this time creating the first choreography to be performed at the new Frame Dance Studio, Ilium. This intimate piece explores the themes of flight, light, and shadow, inspired by the journey, rhythms, and habitats of the winged creatures that roam our skies.


The choreographic duo are using Horn’s signature textural, whimsical set design as their launching point. Leveraging a variety of materials that the audience might consider waste, Hance and Horn are weaving into the performance a message of hope: that we can- through a willingness to see things differently and a relentless commitment to innovation – transform the mess we’ve created in our planet into something beautiful and purposeful.

“I watched video of birds that used discarded zip-ties to build their nests. I was so inspired by their ability to re-imagine this unnatural material and integrate it into their environment in a meaningful way, “ says Hance, Frame Dance founder and artistic director.

Ilium was named after the wing-shaped part of the body that both humans and our avian friends share. The cast includes performers Lindsay Cortner, Rachael Hutto, Alisa Mittin, Jennifer Salter & Jamie Williams. Ilium is made possible through a Groundwork Grant from Dance Source Houston.

Frame Dance member and general admission tickets are now on sale through the Frame Dance website. Ilium will be performed October 21-23, with two showings per evening. Seating is limited to 15 guests per performance.

General Admission: $25

Frame Dance Members, Youth & Artists: $20

Ilium is made possible through a Groundwork Grant from Dance Source Houston.

Frame x Frame Film Fest

Frame x Frame Film Fest

Event Phone: (346) 708-1555


From Argentina to Ghana and Singapore to Bulgaria, Frame x Frame Film Fest (FXF) has featured hundreds of artists from more than twenty different countries over the past four years. From low-budget/high impact work like Einy Am-Spars (Norway) and Kay Collymore (Houston/UK) to the superstars of the screen dance world like the Hong Kong Ballet and Australasian Dance Collective, FXF presents internationally acclaimed artists alongside homegrown Houston artists in a powerfully eclectic festival of screen dance.

Frame x Frame Film Fest brings the best screen dance from across the globe to Houston. At the intersection of film and dance, this genre is on the forefront of innovation and storytelling in dance. Frame Dance presents this festival annually, along with their curriculum for the Houston Independent School District to grow and nurture emerging screen dance artists as young as middle school. Frame Dance’s Frame x Frame Film Fest is co presented by the Houston Ballet and the Contemporary Arts Museum. We are thankful for their support as we share outstanding international screen dance and equip the next generation of art world changers right here in Houston.