Frame Dance is a thought-leader in dance education, inspiring the next generation of movers, makers, and world changers.
We believe in developing the whole dancer, teaching critical life skills such as creative thinking, leadership, collaboration, and resilience through our thoughtful and playful dance curriculum.
We can’t wait to meet your dancer and get them started on their journey of self-discovery!

Ballet at Frame Dance is about the child’s sense of personal development and mastery of movement. Dancers learn the tradition of ballet terminology and class structure as they practice positions, combinations, and musicality while building strength, balance, and the joy of moving independently and as a group. REGISTER HERE.

Dress Code: please check the class description on the registration page for the correct leotard.

Which level is my child?

My First Dance Class – 3.5-5

Kinder Ballet – 4-6 years

Ballet I – 6-9 years

Ballet 2 – 10 and up

Roll! Jump! Swing and fall to the floor! These dynamic movements and more happen in our Modern Dance classes. Students are introduced to modern dance techniques while collaborating with the instructor and classmates to innovate ways of moving their body through space. Students do not need special shoes for this class—we dance with our bare feet! REGISTER HERE. This class is a big benefit for actors and athletes as well.

Dress Code: Please check the dress code on the registration page.

Which level is my child in?

My First Dance Class – 3.5-5 years

Kinder Modern – 4-6 years

Modern 1 – 6-9 years

Modern 2 – 10 and up

As the first classes that students take on their own, Frame Dance classes are designed to be fun and instructive, teaching students to understand and use their bodies and their space. Students learn to communicate with respect, to develop artistically as individuals and as an ensemble – finding, articulating, and combining ideas and actions.

Ages: 3.5-5 years


Our instructors. Your students.

Our curriculum. Your school.

Degreed, professional dance teachers provide during and after school classes in ballet and modern dance, concluding with a performance for parents created by the students.

Frame Dance classes offer children movement training, artful decision-making, and many opportunities to share, collaborate, and reflect on the work they create.

Event Phone: 346-708-1555

Ages: 2 years and up

A Frame Dance teacher – a dance professional trained in our mission and values – comes to your home to provide personalized dance classes. Private lessons are offered to one student or family, semi-private to 2-3 families. Pods are for 4-10 dancers, depending on age and curriculum. Private and pod classes are 45-90 minutes minutes in length based on dancer’s age and class goals. Schedule depends on teacher availability.

To schedule, contact: Kerri Neimeyer at

Toddler dance classes are designed to be fun and impactful, teaching young children to notice and control how their bodies move through space. Little dancers build brains and bodies as they practice initiating their own ideas and actions in movement while building strong motor skills and learning to cooperate in a group setting. Toddler and Adult take this class together.

Ages: “Almost” Walking through 3 years old.