Some bits of interest


Breather taken.  We had a fabulously successful run on CONTEXT.   Engaged audiences, dancers at their peak, and some of the finest collaborations we’ve made.  I took a week, or so off, and during that time I visited Santa Fe.  It was magical.  Really powerful to be in that high desert.  I had been wanting to go to Santa Fe for some time, and finally we did it.  For me, the power was in the stillness, the beauty, and the magic of that area.  I joked that I was channeling Georgia O’Keeffe.  I visited the O’Keeffe museum, took in her paintings, hiked, found some lovely turquoise jewelry, slept, made fires at night, ate some really good food…and some really bad food, practiced yoga an an elevation that made me nauseous.  I talk often about how much I value the artists’ need for respite.  It was invigorating.

What am I doing now…hopping back on the train.  Not literally.  I’m spending this month finalizing my concepts and ideas for my Fresh Arts Installation which will occur the last few days of August and first few days of September.  I’m going down another road with audience engagement— my lover of the moment.  Then we’ll hit the rehearsals in July and work through the summer until the show.  My working title is: The Black Place.  Much more on that to follow…  Stay aboard.