Tomorrow is officially our first rehearsal as part of the Hope Werks residency.  This rehearsal is devoted solely to the film we are shooting later this month.  I’m working on titles…I think I’ve decided on one but need to sleep on it one more night before I declare it in front of the world.  This one was a challenge.  With Crease, the title actually came first.  Points and Coordinates came early in the creative process.  But I don’t have the luxury of a lot of time to come up with this title because it is going to be a fast one.  Fast shoot, fast edit, and fast promotion.  It feels like a lot to juggle the creation of a live show that includes film as well as a totally separate dance-for-camera work.   They are different works, but I think there are some tangled concepts in there.  Don’t forget, you’ll get to see it March 12 at Spacetaker.

I’ll let you know the title tomorrow…

Happy New Year!


I love beginnings.  Sometimes I wonder if I love the middle and the end too little.  But we’re at a new beginning, 2011, so I’ll just enjoy the moment.  We have taken a bit of a breather at Frame during December, hibernating to come back with gusto in the new year.  And I can’t stay away any longer.  Technology director Jonathon Hance and I have just returned from prepping on location for our next dance-for-camera work.  We shoot in about two weeks.  Costumes are about 80% complete. We rehearse on Tuesday, tweaking movement, narrowing in on the scope of the shoot and a million other details.   I am organizing this shoot a little bit differently because we aren’t filming in Houston like we did for “Crease” and “Points and Coordinates.”  So I’ll try and get you, dear readers, some backstage pictures of the weekend Frame went to ______ to shoot a film…

So, when will you get to see this fabulous new dance-for-camera work?  Mark your calendars Houstonians, it’s premiering Saturday, March 12.  Tickets coming soon.