Planetary Dance with Frame Dance and Core Dance

Planetary Dance with Frame Dance and Core Dance

The Planetary Dance, in its 40th year on June 7, 2020, is an annual dance of healing and community renewal. It brings people of all ages and abilities together in a beautiful setting to dance for a purpose. The Planetary Dance Community invites people all over the world to join in a dance for peace in their own communities and peace with the Earth.

The Planetary Dance is a participatory dance rather than a theatrical performance. At its heart is the Earth Run, a simple dance that everybody can do. Participants are invited to run, walk, or simply stand in a series of concentric circles, creating a moving mandala. As we all move to the steady heartbeat of the drums, we become one collective body. Each step upon the Earth becomes a prayer for healing.

“It’s going to take the willing commitment of enough people to say we will heal this earth. Every step is a prayer, and we must pray together for the healing of the earth… The circle is an act of unity, and the four directions give it stability. It’s the squared circle which is the archetypal mandala of harmony.”- Anna Halprin, Moving Toward Life: Five Decades of Transformational Dance, p. 200, �1995, Wesleyan University Press


Registrations will begin soon and will be done through Core Dance.

To register, please visit:

Planetary Dance will be coming to Houston, TX:

Sunday, June 7, 2020

Hermann Park Conservancy
1700 Hermann Dr.
Houston, TX 77004

Free parking is available at the Sam Houston Monument (Lot A)

  • March 13, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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