Decade-long collaborators Ashley Horn & Lydia Hance are at it again, this time creating the first choreography to be performed at the new Frame Dance Studio, Ilium. This intimate piece explores the themes of flight, light, and shadow, inspired by the journey, rhythms, and habitats of the winged creatures that roam our skies.


The choreographic duo are using Horn’s signature textural, whimsical set design as their launching point. Leveraging a variety of materials that the audience might consider waste, Hance and Horn are weaving into the performance a message of hope: that we can- through a willingness to see things differently and a relentless commitment to innovation – transform the mess we’ve created in our planet into something beautiful and purposeful.

“I watched video of birds that used discarded zip-ties to build their nests. I was so inspired by their ability to re-imagine this unnatural material and integrate it into their environment in a meaningful way, “ says Hance, Frame Dance founder and artistic director.

Ilium was named after the wing-shaped part of the body that both humans and our avian friends share. The cast includes performers Lindsay Cortner, Rachael Hutto, Alisa Mittin, Jennifer Salter & Jamie Williams. Ilium is made possible through a Groundwork Grant from Dance Source Houston.

Frame Dance member and general admission tickets are now on sale through the Frame Dance website. Ilium will be performed October 21-23, with two showings per evening. Seating is limited to 15 guests per performance.

General Admission: $25

Frame Dance Members, Youth & Artists: $20

Ilium is made possible through a Groundwork Grant from Dance Source Houston.

  • Ilium
    October 21, 2022 - October 23, 2022
    7:00 pm - 11:00 pm


2426 Bartlett St, Ste D, Houston, Texas, 77098, United States