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One of the most loved choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance, Sonya Tayeh, contributes much to giving contemporary dance a voice in popular culture. She has even been nominated for an Emmy in 2013 for some of her choreography seen here.

If you want to catch some modern dance in pop culture, you can tune into Fox 8/7c on Monday nights.  Who would you nominate for an Emmy who hasn’t been on SYTYCD?

So You Think You Can Dance



So You Think You Can Dance

According to a non-dancer (Emily Pau)


I honestly have never watched an entire episode until this review so…don’t hurt me!  So, in case you all missed last week’s Top 14 performances, here is my take on the episode.

The Top 14 performed a beautiful opening number with all of the dancers dressed in gorgeous white flowing robes adorned with gold braces and crowns obviously paying tribute to the ancient Greeks. However, one of the dancers is dressed in a normal/ modern white outfit and the others perform their routine around him. The modern man is left standing in the middle with a gold-like paint on his pure white shirt as the others gather at his feet. This routine could be a symbolic tale of how the Greek gods blessed the human race with brilliant artistic skills and that this one man has been “artistically touched” by the gods.  All in all it was a very interesting piece.

Team Bridget and Emilio were the first to perform that night and I have to say their routine was a little odd at first–a couple of demons on a mission from Hell to steal someone’s soul. Ok. At first their choreography looked like something out of Black Swan especially since Bridget kind of resembled Mila Kunis and I wasn’t that impressed. It wasn’t until their final product was complete that their jazzy dance moves and flashy red 1920s garb made the theme a fun and exciting dance routine!

Team Rudy and Tanisha’s stunning routine was absolutely breathtaking from beginning to end. It was a gorgeous story of seduction; it was like watching a contemporary Argentinean Tango. Rudy was definitely right when he said that you really can’t tell who is seducing whom. They were equally talented in their dancing and were perfectly synced throughout their performance. Everyone was completely wowed by their powerful choreography. That truly was an amazing routine!

Zack and Jacque, well more like “Count Zack and Lady Jacque,” were sensational with their hot vampire-ish routine. It was a wonderful twist to the Spanish Paso Doble as the judges mentioned but also seemed to give a slight nod to the dramatic American Tango. “Count” Zack did a wonderful job of being the vampire who brings the beautiful “Lady” Jacque back to life who doesn’t give in to his commanding yet enticing presence.  Her striking twists and turns prove that she is just as powerful and is not easily won over by his devilish charm. Their constant battle of dominance was absolutely thrilling to watch to the point of not knowing who really “won” the battle.  Perhaps it was a respectful tie…

Teddy and Emily did a great job taking everyone down the road of Broadway.  Their opening moves were fantastic which wonderfully progressed to the tight leg work. It looked like it did a number on their thighs just from watching it. The couple tried their hardest to channel the flairs of Bob Fosse but considering this was a difficult routine to imitate I thought they did a decent job.

Jessica and Casey were the essence of perfection with their sweet country love story. A flawless routine that gave the judges chills with their “porch swing” turns and steady lifts. Casey did a wonderful job complimenting Jessica’s shy and gentle nature as the loving boyfriend who adores her very being. Their amazing chemistry spent “electro shocks” through the audience and judges. It was certainly a routine you would want to watch over and over again.

However, the Quick-Step styles of Carly and Serge undoubtedly possessed cat-like glides, slides and hops. Their little Charleston steps were so much fun to watch after seeing them practice so hard to perfect it. Serge and Carly were incredible as the flirty yet modest cats of the Quick-Step.

The final paring, Ricky and Valarie come together to create a slightly creepy story about a witch doctor bringing a voodoo doll to life. I was completely blown away by their insane hip-hop moves and I don’t really care for hip-hop. It was as if I could imagine puppet strings on Valarie’s arms and legs as Ricky perfectly controlled her gangling body throughout their marvelous routine.

I wasn’t too crazy about the solos except for one of two and they definitely should not have been in the bottom 6. However, I thought some of them were better dancers when they were with a partner instead of their solo. Without a doubt each of the dancers was amazingly talented, but like in anything some stand out more than others.

The seven ladies of the show performed a beautiful final routine in their fluid purple gowns. It was as if the choreographer was still using the Greek mythologies as a canvas for their stage drama. The ladies were breathtaking as they seemed to embody the world of the Muses. Even as a group, each dancer added her own special flair to the story. The seven dazzling “muses” constantly lifted each other up as if to symbolize the essence of sisterly love regardless of competition. It was a piece that could bring tears to your eyes.

Another tip of the hat to the Greeks was the final male group enactment of the seven lost souls of the sea. The men gave life to these isolate creatures of the sea with their wave-like upper body movements perfectly linked together similar to men in a row boat. Their flying jumps provided were just the right touch to give the audience the feel of a high-rolling tide sweeping them throughout the gloomy tale.

At first I really didn’t care for the show because I thought the stories were the typical “artsy” stories were everything had a meaning and unless you were a dancer you didn’t really get it. Also, I thought some of the dance routines were a little predictable in how the ladies would move their hips, thighs, bum and whatever else the choreographers wanted to emphasize.

I totally understand that dance is like that sometimes and I have to admit it’s a little fun to dance like that. But I’ve also seen dance routines where it is still sensual but respectful.

I did like how the girls were seen outside of the dance studio. They showed how many dancers led normal lives that are not constantly surrounded by dancing. One girl worked at a grocery store and another was a tomboy. I was very glad to see that!

The men were even stereotypical in the way they carried themselves because almost all of them seemed to have the same metro-sexual look. Not every male dancer is like that, that’s seems to be what Hollywood wants to portray. I know several guys who are professional dancers and who are very masculine in their dancing and stature. They are nothing like the guys on TV.

The costumes, however, were gorgeous! I wanted a couple of them but have no place to wear them.

All in all it was a fun show to watch. I didn’t like it that much after the opening number and even a little bit of the first routine but I quickly enjoyed watching the ups and downs of the show.

So You Think You Can Dance

Your votes on our So You Think You Can Dance Survey told me that you think Jacque and Ricky will go home. Let’s see if you’re right!

The Top 6 Perform

SYTYCD_Google_Profile The battle for the top spot grew even more challenging last night as the dancers had to  perform three separate dances, one with a fellow competitor, an All-Star partner, and a  solo.   Since we were down to the top six, the dancers really brought their game and there were  so  many excellent dances. Here are some of my favorites from last night.

The choreography of Valerie and Ricky’s Broadway piece had a very difficult component  to it regarding the main prop. Their somewhat silly and carefree feeling dance, used a  swing which Ricky had to leap through several times throughout the dance. Valerie’s  dress was poofy and fun.

Next up was Jessica and Casey who went back in time with their sparkly disco and had the  costumes to match. Casey spun Jessica around so many times during the dance it almost made me dizzy just watching them!


Last night SYTYCD was joined by the band Rixton, who performed their hit song Me and My Broken Heart.


After that energetic performance, the All-Star couples began their routines. Jacque and All-Star Will’s contemporary routine was light and airy, with the song to match, 99 Red Balloons by Nena. My absolute favorite dance of the night was Zack with All-Star Fik-Shun. Their hip hop routine was choreographed by Phillip Chbeeb who was inspired by the Rorschach  Inkblot Test. The dancer’s movements were completely synchronized to form interesting shapes with their bodies. This routine was accompanied by a song I like listening to Sail (Unlimited Gravity Remix) by AWOLNATION. 

Then it was time for the results. The final four dancers are Ricky Ubeda, Jessica Richens, Zack Everhart, and Valerie Rocky. Sadly, we said goodbye to Casey Askew and Jacque LeWarne.

So You Think You Can Dance


The Top 8 Perform


Michael Jackson was the theme of the night.   The top 8’s reflective, extra-terrestrial group dance  was choreographed by the man who was the star’s personal choreographer, Travis Payne.

The judging panel was joined by Jenna Dewan-Tatum, as they kicked off another great episode of So You Think You Can Dance.

We learned that each dancer would get the opportunity to showcase their solos along with  their duets with the all-stars.

Casey Askew’s contemporary solo was accompanied by one of my favorite music artists M83.

My overall favorite solo was performed by Jessica Richens. Her contemporary solo was flawlessly liquid.

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So You Think You Can Dance

Hello, Framers! The dancers continued their fight for the number one spot in last night’s show. For the first time this season, the Top 10 were separated from their partners, and given SYTYCD  All-Star dancers. According to your votes from our SYTYCD Survey, Jacque LeWarne will win it all, and Tanisha Belnap and Emilio Dosal will go home. Let’s find out if you’re right!

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10

SYTYCD_Google_Profile The top 10 dancers, of course, started the night with a very colorful spark! Dressed in all  neon colors, the dancers performed a fun routine choreographed by Jamal Sims. Last  night’s guest judge was Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski! We also learned that after  each Top 10 dancer performed, we would learn whether they would be safe, or in danger  of  going home.

First dancer of the night was Bridget Whitman paired with All-Star Brandon Bryant. For  the first time in So You Think You Can Dance history a Bollywood Disco dance was  performed, and it was choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Host Cat Deely revealed that  Bridget is in danger of going home. Next up is ballroom dancer Tanisha Belnap with All-  Star Ryan Di Lello. While dancing their Argentine tango, the dancers performed  impressive footwork. Tanisha seemed right at home with her dancing, and I think it  was her best dance of the season.  Our dancer from Houston, Emilio Dosal was up next  with his partner Jasmine Harper. He was portraying a king, and Jasmine was the king’s pet snake. Emilio really showed of his talent and knowledge of hip hop dance. He is in danger of going home. Valerie Rocky and partner Ade Obayomi performed a very uncertain jazz routine. Valerie’s regular cheery personality was challenged by choreographer Tyce Diorio. The judges remarked that her routine seemed “emotionally inconsistent.” Though she had criticize from the judges, she was safe from elimination. Another dancer that wasn’t at his strongest last night, was Rudy Abreu with All-Star Jenna Johnson. Their cha-cha, featured Jenna more than Rudy, and he definitely let her presence overpower his in the dance. America voted Rudy safe from leaving the show this week.

Another SYTYCD first, is a contemporary ballet duet choreographed by Travis Wall for dancer Jacque LeWarne and previous dancer Chehon Wespi-Tschopp. Jacque slipped back on her pointe shoes for the first time in weeks. Their dance was accompanied by the perfecting lighting, which showed their graceful shadows on the wall. Despite the exquisite performance, Jacque was voted in danger of elimination. Next dancer to hit the stage was Ricky Ubeda with All-Star Lauren Froderman, their ‘party’ themed jazz routine was choreographed by Mandy Moore. His impressive moves, sure did impress voters, because he was safe from elimination. The next dance was a Broadway routine  choreographed by SpencerLiff, for dancer Casey Askew and All-Star Kathryn McCormick. The romantic piece was accompanied by the popular Broadway song Maybe This Time by Liza Minnelli from the musical Cabaret. Casey is safe from elimination. One of my favorite performances of the night was Jessica with tWitch with a fun and flirty jazz routine. Last dancer to perform was Zack Everhart with Amy Yakima. Their dance was choreographed by my favorite Sonya Tayeh.  The dance told the story of one of Sonya’s friends who passed away, creating a deep and touching performance.

After each dancer had performed, singer Christina Perri took the stage and sang a song I love. Dancing with her were All-Stars Chehon Wespi-Tschop and Kathryn McCormick

We unfortunately had to say goodbye to Emilio and Bridget. (You were right about Emilio!) The All-Star pairings were announced at the end of the show. Jacque with All-Star tWitch, Ricky with All-Star Jaimie, Tanisha with All-Star Nick, Rudy with All-Star Allison, Valerie with All-Star Ryan, Zack with All-Star Makenzie, Casey with All-Star Comfort, and finally Jessica with All-Star Will.

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